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Door Mats
Posted by Pristine Home

With the cold weather comes rain, and with rain comes muck…lots and lots of muck. That’s why we at Pristine Home can’t stress enough the importance of a door mat. Did you know, 80% of the grime in your home is brought in from the outside and this is mostly from your shoes! This percentage can be drastically reduced with the introduction of a door mat into your home.

Door mats can be dull at the best of times, so why not spruce up the entrance to your house with a more creative mat. We here in the Pristine Home office have picked a few favourites…

Not feeling overly hospitable? Keep guests get with a “Leave” door mat.

Similar, yet ever so slightly less harsh the “OH NO! NOT YOU AGAIN” door mat will also keep out any unwanted guests.

Do you find yourself frequently unsure of your location when outside your home? Then the “You are here” door mat is the one for you.

Keep your home burglar free, with the anti-burglar door mat.

Never forget anything again with our last door mat…

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