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Beware if travelling to Amsterdam!
Posted by Pristine Home

Two people have been injured after a moped hit a 'pop up' toilet which appeared from underground in Amsterdam. The freak accident saw the toilet rise unexpectedly and send a passing moped flying through air into an innocent bystander.

The late-night loos – called Urilifts - are a common feature in the Dutch capital. They spring out of the ground to stop drunken revellers relieving themselves on the street. A good idea if you think about it, but there is a small flaw in their plan if they rise without warning! Last November one malfunctioned, appearing without warning just as a motorbike was riding across it. The moped was launched through the air and landed on top of a passer-by. Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang at the time of the accident.

One man said on Twitter: "Literally just walked past this explosion about two minutes before. Feeling lucky.”

The two people involved in the accident are in perfect health now, but you can’t help but see the funny side to it.

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