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5 of the dirtiest parts of your home
Posted by Pristine Home

Often, as long as our surfaces aren’t visually dirty, we trust that they are clean. This unfortunately is a “false sense of security” and the germs and bacteria that exist are merely hidden and are undetectable to our senses. While both harmful germs and bacteria exist nearly everywhere, some areas of are particularly more vulnerable to the build-up of germs.

1.Switches, Handles and Knobs

Because of our need to touch everything (whether we need to or not), our hands unavoidably transport germs. These dangerous hitchhikers attach themselves to everything we touch throughout the day, which the next passer-by will catch and transport, and so the vicious cycle continues, contaminating everything their hands come in contact with, particularly light switches, knobs, handles, computer keyboards, etc.

Solution: Clean commonly touched areas regularly, frequently washing your hands, and use hand sanitizer

2.Sponges and Cloths

Although sponges and cloths are one of the most popular cleaning tools in the home, they are actually one of the main culprits when it comes to carrying germs and bacteria. Sponges and cloths are exposed to foods, liquids and anything else we wipe off our hands as we pass through the kitchen, picking up germs and bacteria each time.

Solution: Put your sponge in the microwave or boiling water to kill lurking germs.

3.Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are known for being notorious when it comes to dirt. Usually we hoover them regularly, but rarely do deep clean. This allows dirt and bacteria to grow deep inside the carpet.

Solution: Give your carpets and rugs a deep clean at least once every six months.

Kitchen Counters
Kitchen counters in nearly every household are particularly vulnerable to dirt as a result of the high levels of foot-traffic and you’re constantly putting things on them and taking things off them: bags, raw food, cutting boards and so forth. Now, think about all the grime from those different sources.

Solution: You should wipe down your counters regularly (we recommend with environmentally friendly cleaners.


We are all guilty of spending endless hours lounging on our couches without even considering the dirt and health hazards they carry.

Since our bodies carry dirt and bacteria, we regularly pass these bacteria onto our furniture, where they multiply and disperse. On furniture such a couches, beds and chairs, the dirt can sink deep into the material.

Solution: To counteract this, consider steam cleaning to get rid of the funk.

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