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How to have a germ-free flight It’s that time of year again when most of us (or at least a lucky few) are looking forward to travelling abroad for a well-needed holiday. Normally we are so focused on getting to the airport on time, going through security and just wanting to get to the destination with as little set-backs as possible, we often forget about one thing that could really pose a problem to your holiday – GERMS! According to recent studies by Aquaint (producer of ... More

Posted by Pristine Home
Hand washing is something that most of us do without a second thought. According to experts if this simple practice was adopted by more people, It could save over 650,000 lives a year. Such hygienic hand care can reduce the spread as many large diseases and infections like SARS, AIDs, cholera and pandemic flu. Hand washing and using soap is the best way of reducing the spread of disease. In addition, remember to practice hand hygiene at key moments since this time of the year has a higher per ... More

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Hello everybody, Over the weekend I read a very interesting article about the build-up of dust, dirt and allergens in your home. Are you part of the 475,000 people who have asthma in Ireland? Well you might be surprised to know about the amount of asthma triggers you can find around your house. Ways to prevent these triggers from happening or starting can be to keep your clothes in closets to prevent dust settling and building on them. Clear out any old clothing item you have in your belongi ... More

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