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Posted by Pristine Home on 23 August 2016
Your outdoor space also needs some cleaning. Whether it is a Deck or your Patio then regular cleaning keeps that outdoor space sparkling and a joy for all who use it. They are somewhat different from a cleaning point of view but with care can be brought back as good as new. Decks and Patios may be cleaned in a variety of ways we suggest either of the following: Method 1-Simply apply a cleaning solution and scrub with a deck scrub. It may make sense to leave the cleaner o ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 19 August 2016
We are very happy to announce that our team of the month is Julia and Anna. Their consistent hard work has not gone unnoticed here at Pristine Home. Over the course of the last month we have seen the hard work put in by this team in a consistent fashion. Something that Julia and Anna specialise in is our Spring Cleaning service. The girls excel at giving homes a thorough and deep clean which leaves a lasting impression. Countless customers have been left with a satisfying cle ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 29 July 2016
Getting make-up stains out of a carpet can seem a near impossible task at times. Even though it may seem so difficult, have a look at our tips on how you can successfully remove these stains. 1. When you have noticed there is a make-up stain, it is wise to act quickly. Make sure to remove any excess make up by hand before you begin the process. 2. Apply isopropyl alcohol to a clean white cotton cloth or a cotton swab. Carefully dab at the stained fibres, placing downward pres ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 22 July 2016
We are excited to name Camilia and Laura our team of the month! This is a result of their consistent hard work and desire to maintain Pristine Home’s high standards. We would like to thank them for the effort they put in every day for our customers, and for being good-humoured employees who are a pleasure to work with. During the celebration of Pristine Home’s 10th year in business, Camilia and Laura were presented with their monthly award by our customer service man ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 14 July 2016
The Pristine Home cleaning services first saw the light in June 2006 with 1 van, 2 employees and 4 customers. 2007 heralded the completion of 1 full years trading with residential cleaning services to the home owners of South County Dublin, provided through a fleet of 5 vans and 12 cleaning staff. 2008: Growth continued at pace as the service covered South and West Dublin regions as well as city centre. Pristine Home also expanded to a fleet of 10 vans. 2010: Now in the middle ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 07 July 2016
It is hard to believe that we recently celebrated 10 years in business here at Pristine Home. It is a proud occasion for all of us here and is well worth celebrating! To mark the occasion, we hosted a party for our staff in the office in Deansgrange Business Park. We were delighted to see some of our previous staff return for the party. We’d also like to thank our loyal customers for being part of our journey, and we hope to keep providing a top quality service for many years to come. ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 24 June 2016
The windows in your house play a significant role in giving a good impression. Keeping them clean is very important, and if done right can have many benefits! Boost the appeal of your home. When your windows aren’t clean, your home can easily lose it’s appeal. Whether you are trying to sell your home, or show off your home to your neighbours, you’ll want to have clean windows – it is a simple part of home maintenance that will make your home look ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 09 June 2016
A playroom is a part of the home, which is specifically designate to children’s play. The playroom is also a part of the house that can be extremely prone to mess. With such a huge gathering of children’s toys and play things in just one room, you are bound to encounter mess of all kinds. No matter how hard you try, there will be no avoiding spilled food and drinks on the floor and furniture! You need peace of mind as far as your children’s safety is concerned. ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 03 June 2016
Cleaning the bathroom is a task that nobody wants to do themselves. However, it is an essential part of the home which must be kept tidy and clean. Today’s blog will cover some of the key benefits of maintaining a clean bathroom in your home. Even if you don’t see or smell something bad, you have to realise that there are potentially huge amounts of bacteria in your bathroom at all times. They land on your basin, bathtub, floor and on the walls. This is the main ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 26 May 2016
Making sure that the kitchen is always clean is a good way to ensure that hygiene is maintained. The kitchen can become dirty very fast as compared to other areas in the house because there are food pieces that may rot and cause a bad scent. Just ask yourself how good you feel when you walk into your lovely clean kitchen. That in itself is reason enough. If you need convincing read on. Here are several reasons as to why one should make sure that the kitchen is cleaned re ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 17 May 2016
Cleaning the Shower Bathroom cleaning is considered a hefty task by most homeowners. It is difficult to keep the bathroom spotlessly clean throughout since it is used constantly. A dirty glass shower door only makes it seem even a much harder task. Visible spots and scum on the shower door make the bathroom look messy. Firstly, get rid of all the clutter in the shower. Gather all of the bottles and brushes and items that are unnecessary. Having unnecessary items in the ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 11 May 2016
The conservatory is a part of the house which is prone to being left dormant over the winter period. With summer coming in, there is every reason to make sure you have a clean and comfortable conservatory which you can sit and relax in whenever you want. Start from the exterior. Make sure that you have cleared the roof of any leaves, dirt or grime that has built up over the harsh winter months. Many think that a good way of cleaning the roof is to use a power washer, but we st ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 29 April 2016
Seeing as the living room tends to be the most visited room in the house, we want to make sure that it is always in the best possible condition. From time to time it is possible that we let everyday living build up a cluttered mess that just isn’t acceptable anymore. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to restore order in your living room, from the walls to the carpets to bring some life back to the room. Let the light in: Open the windows to let some fr ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 22 April 2016
In every home, the bedroom should be somewhat of a sanctuary. It should be somewhere that is clutter and stress free. However, for many people, the bedroom can become a gathering area for clothes, shoes and a holding area for pretty much anything that enters the room! We’re here to help you turn an unorganized, messy room into a clean and cosy retreat. Let the fresh air in the room by opening your windows. Start by taking off your bed clothes, mattress cover and pillows ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 13 April 2016
Dust and cobwebs just pile up in places that are not necessarily noticeable to the everyday eye. We have listed a few spots in the house where attention may be needed and how to tackle them. Radiators Radiators – not just the front but underneath and behind and in the heat vanes. The challenging part is the back of it when against a wall. First lay a big cloth or towel under the radiator to collect dust. Get a duster on a long stick or a stick on its own and wra ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 22 March 2016
How to Keep Dirt Outside the House on a Wet Day Picture this; it is a wet day, people coming in your house with wet, mucky shoes. Some of you have a dog, a cat and they will also want to come in to keep away from the rain. Because wet days are inevitable, it is better to be prepared. Use a Doormat Remember dirt comes in with shoes. Have a doormat at every door you come in: front door, back door, from garage into the house. When possible, have a doormat outside and inside d ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 11 March 2016
BENEFITS OF SPRING CLEAN Whenever spring comes, it feels like it’s a fresh start of the year. The grey, short Irish winter days start to disappear, and you feel a slightly new life and energy come over you. If you want to spring into the season, a good spring clean is a must. It helps kick off a fresh start and revitalises your mind and your home. Here are some benefits of a good spring clean: It can relieve stress, leading to better health. Having cluster is s ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 26 February 2016
Mother’s Day Celebration, an Old Tradition in Ireland Greece has the oldest tradition. Spring festivities were in honour of the Mother of the Gods, Rhea. Similarly, Rome’s Mother’s Day celebration began 250 BC and it was dedicated to the mother goddess, Cybele. As Christianity dispersed all over Europe, mother's day celebrations were on the fourth Sunday in Lent and were adjusted to tribute the Virgin Mary and also the "Mother Church." ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 17 February 2016
The Merits of a Microfiber Cloth Microfiber cloths are designed to minimize effort and maximize efficiency. A microfiber cloth is made of extremely small polyester and polyamide strands. A good cloth is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Polyester does the cleaning, polishing and polyamide does the absorption. Efficient Microfiber cloths are super absorbent, as a cloth and a mop. A microfiber cloth can hold 7 times its weight in moisture. As absorption is better, floors mop ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 10 February 2016
Tips on cleaning chocolate stains Have you ever indulged with chocolate and found traces of it on your carpet or sofa? No panic! We have some tips on how to clean chocolate stains. Most stains are easier to eliminate when treated fast. Chocolate Stain on Carpets Using a butter knife or a spoon, gently scrape off as much chocolate as possible from the carpet. If the stain is dry, hoover any chocolate flakes. If the stain is wet, use a white terry cloth or similar and blot up a ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 04 November 2015
Did you know the salad drawer can contain up to 750 times what is deemed to be a safe level of bacteria? That is why it is essential to regularly clean out your fridge. This daunting task can be made easy by breaking up the job into smaller tasks. Follow our checklist and you will have a sparkling fridge in no time. Firstly empty your fridges content completely. Checking use by date on all products, throwing out any products that have surpassed it. Then remove any drawers placing the ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 28 October 2015
Halloween can be one of the most exciting times of year for children. This sweet filled holiday will keep children on a sugar high for weeks. However it can also be quite a dangerous time of year with bomb fires, fireworks and strangers. This is why we here at Pristine Home have decided to put together a few safety tips for not only children, but parents, homeowners and driver. Halloween Safety Tips for Kids: Trick-or-treat in a group or with an adult. Look both ways before crossi ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 20 May 2015
If you're inviting guests to your home, bear in mind that although they are not coming to do a white-glove inspection it is always a good idea to do a quick clean prior to their arrival. When preparing to entertain guests, time is of the essence! Instead of working tirelessly to make your house spotless, focus more on getting as much done in advance as possible and targeting the most important places first. Here are a few must do cleaning tips we recommend to sneak in a quick clean before your g ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 15 April 2015
When days get longer and each day feels warmer than the next, summer is officially on the horizon. It is Important to clean Outdoors as the weather warms up, your outdoor jobs list may grow and grow. While tackling projects, prepare for the job by making safety your top priority Windows shouldn’t be cleaned from outside unless some means are provided to allow such work to be done in a safe way.If a ladder is needed to clean the window make sure you have two people. Watch and clean poles ... More

Posted by Pristine Home on 15 April 2015
At this time of year, your lawn will start growing rapidly and requires feeding, weeding, moss-killing, and regular cutting. We at Pristine Home have a few tips on how to maintain your lawn and get it Spring/Summer ready. Feeding All lawns need feeding and if you only want to feed your lawn once a year, April is the time to do it! Giving your lawn a good feed now will prepare your lawn for the summer. Regular maintenance is the best way to approach a lawn, and prevent needing renovation later. ... More

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